Seatrobot - Support


Seatrobot support level tiers are based on your Subscription Level.

For general support, our normal business hours are 10am-6pm PDT, Monday through Friday. During this time, we aim to get back to you within two hours. Support times may be longer during evenings and weekends.

Getting Started

Setting up your Seatrobot Account (Admin Users)

How to customize your Seatrobot account for your organization: add your primary contact; add logos and custom colors; set up your send email domain; customize default email settings; add your team members.

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Basic Navigation

A quick trip around your Seatrobot platform

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Creating A New Event

How to create an event and a custom registration page in minutes.

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Invites & Emails

How to send personalized invites to individuals and contact lists.

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Guest List

How to track your registrations and invites; filter and view guests; manage individual guests, edit guests, edit reservations, create tags and lists and export reports.

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The Dashboard

How to manage your event lists and your Organization's main Events Page

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