Seatrobot App for Zoom

The Seatrobot App for Zoom allows organizations using the Seatrobot event & guest management platform to connect their Seatrobot account to their Zoom account. Authorized users of both platforms can then link a Seatrobot event to an existing Zoom event (meeting or webinar, if enabled), automatically populating the online meeting fields and macros of the Seatrobot event with the Zoom meeting details.

Users can then use Seatrobot to send invites to mailing lists, generate custom registration and ticket pages, create sponsor packages, filter and tag their guest lists and take advantage of all the other features of Seatrobot to manage the linked event as normal. Post-event, the Zoom attendance record for the meeting / webinar is synced with the Seatrobot event automatically and the guest lists, attendance records, guest histories, contacts database etc. updated appropriately. These guest histories can be used as filters to create mailing and invite lists for future events.

Installing Seatrobot App for Zoom

The video below demonstrates how to setup the Seatrobot App for Zoom by linking your organization’s Seatrobot account with its Zoom account.

To do this, you will need:

  1. Admin privileges for your organization’s Seatrobot account
  2. Admin privileges for your organization’s Zoom account

Uninstalling Seatrobot App for Zoom
  1. Login to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom Marketplace
  2. Click Manage - Installed Apps or search for the Seatrobot App for Zoom
  3. Click the Seatrobot App for Zoom
  4. Click Uninstall
Features of the Seatrobot App for Zoom
  1. Zoom meeting details are inserted automatically into the 'Online Meeting Details' fields in your Seatrobot event
  2. The Zoom meeting details can be toggled on and off to appear on your guest's personal registration confirmation page
  3. You can use the Online Meeting Details macro to insert the Zoom meeting details into your customized email invites, confirmations and other guest communications
  4. You can use all the advanced invite, registration, list management and guest management features of Seatrobot to run the inviting and guest list creation for your Zoom event
  5. As people log into the Zoom event, their participation is automatically updated in Seatrobot - and the guest is marked 'Attended'. If an unregistered guest joins your Zoom event, a new contact record is created in your Seatrobot event guest list
  6. The video below demonstrates how participants in the linked Zoom meeting / webinar are automatically marked as ‘attended’ in the Seatrobot event:
  7. Your Seatrobot / Zoom events now appear in your Seatrobot event history, and are added to your individudal contact's records, so you can enjoy all the contact list database management features of Seatrobot for your Zoom events.