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Event registration. Made easy.

Lots of people can help you sell tickets. But how about events for clients and members, special guests, assistants or corporate partners? Free registration? Virtual events? Board Meetings or Town Halls? Special packages for partner events? VIP's? Special requests? Table seating? With Seatrobot, no problem. (Oh, and any kind of paid ticket, too!)

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Your events. Your web sites.

Most event platforms let you create an online presence for your event - mixed up with everybody's else's! With Seatrobot, your events are your events. Your very own unique events website is up and running in minutes, with full branding, your corporate colors, social sharing, calendars and everything you need to connect to your colleagues and partners! And each of your events get its own rich, full-featured, customized website instantly.

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Instant, custom, full-featured events center

Your Seatrobot account gives you a private, secure, beautiful online hub to showcase any or all your events. You have complete control over the content:

  • apply your custom logos and colors in seconds
  • toggle individual events on and off the site
  • select 'featured' events
  • create and apply custom event categories to sort and filter your events
  • keep past events accessible with updated, post-event content
Example events website

Dynamic, stand-alone registration sites for each event

Promote your events individually - every event you create comes with its own registration / information website:

  • create unlimited free registration or paid ticket types
  • display multiple registration types per event
  • quickly create dynamic event content to present your event and its details to your guests
  • link related events together so they cross-promote on each other's pages
  • images, rich text, video, all standard
  • social media sharing, calendar downloads standard
Example registration page

Turn registration sites into full-content, post-event resources

When your event is done, your event websites keep working:

  • remove all registration and ticket sales features
  • add dynamic content like videos of your webinars, or images from the event
  • add survey links, downloadable documents, follow-up content
  • encourage social sharing post-event
  • add filters to past events - use your events page as a searchable archive for your customers and guests
Example events website

Seamless communications. Promote your events - and stay in touch

Full email communications suite: Personal email RSVP's. One-click accept / declines. Personal registration / confirmation pages. Individual custom communications. You need to make every guest feel special. Seatrobot's powerful invite, email and guest management tools let you invite, track and manage a guest list of hundreds with individual attention.

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No guest is too much trouble for Seatrobot's powerful toolset

Your Guest List aggregates all your guest RSVP's and has powerful tools to manage them

  • see guest responses instantly as they happen
  • RSVP on behalf of guests
  • re-send individual invites and confirmations in two clicks
  • update guests' personal information from your Guest List
  • add your notes to a guest's entry
  • create Tags for guests and sort / communicate with them as you wish
  • email guests in batches by response, status or tag
Example guest management page

Get all the information you need from guests when they register - or whenever suits you

Seatrobot's 'Registration Questions' toolset lets you build guest questionnaires - and track and manage responses

  • create unlimited questions for guests at registration, or later
  • track responses in real time in your Guest List
  • toggle questions on and off
  • filter your guests by responses, or by lack of response
  • respond on behalf of a guest
  • send response confirmations and reminders
  • communicate with guests based on their responses
Example guest management page

Put your partners / sponsors out front. We got your back.

Your event partners, vendors or sponsors need special treatment. Seatrobot was built from the ground up to support partner / sponsor requirements: special package registrations, branded registration pages. Create unique sponsors / event partner logins to manage their own guest lists. For in-person events Seatrobot even handles automatic table placement, seat donation and VIP management.

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Unlimited Packages, Unlimited Control

Create unlimited partner packages, make them available for purchase or free registration, and let seatrobot's 3rd party automation do all the hard work

  • build partner, vendor or sponsor benefit packages
  • promote sales by invitation only and / or on dedicated sales pages
  • customize all partner, vendor or sponsor communications in advance
  • give partners, vendors or sponsors dedicated logins to manage their own guest lists
  • assign partners, vendors or sponsors branded, dedicated registration pages for their employees, partners and clients
Sponsor package creation tools image

Share The Love - And The Access

Give your partners, vendors or sponsors secure access to their own guest management center and dedicated registration pages

  • secure logins for sponsor / event partner reps
  • let them add, invite and manage their own guest lists
  • automatically create branded, dedicated registration pages for your sponsors / partners
  • create tags, like VIP, meal preferences etc. for them to apply to their own guests
  • consolidate and manage all your sponsor / partner guest lists in your central guest control
Sponsor package creation tools image

Seat Hundreds In Minutes

Seatrobot includes comprehensive in-person event tools: one-click badging, online check-in, room layout creation, table placement, individual guest seating

  • print beautifully-formatted name badges in seconds
  • build your event layout and place tables and individuals quickly and efficiently by hierarchy
  • group your guests as you wish, then have Seatrobot seat them automatically
  • advanced check-in, with guest-swapping, database access, on-site badge printing
Sponsor package creation tools image

Event intelligence. Makes for smarter events

Seatrobot includes a smart Contacts Database / CRM which keeps track of guests in all your events; their cc's, their preferences, their event histories, their level of engagement; giving you the info you need to create more and moe effective events.

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Forget about multiple Excel sheets, mail merging, or trying to track your mailing lists in your email

Your Seatrobot events are in sync with your Seatrobot Contacts database - which can even be linked to your organization's CRM if you use one.

  • import your existing guest lists in seconds
  • create unlimited mailing lists for use in all your events
  • keep guest notes, manage cc's
  • track event histories for every guest
  • filter guests by event, attendance, rsvp
  • track guests by engagement score over time
  • manage bounces and unsubscribes
Example contacts database

Zoom integration. Out of the box.

All Seatrobot plans include the Seatrobot App for Zoom - link your Seatrobot events directly with your Zoom events. Then use Seatrobot as your complete front-end for managing your online meetings and webinars. Add the advanced guest management, sponsor features, contact database, and ticketing power of Seatrobot to your online events.

Woman participating in webinar

The Seatrobot App for Zoom

  1. Automatically inserts your Zoom meeting details into your Seatrobot event
  2. Insert Zoom meeting details into each guest's personal registration confirmation page
  3. Auto-insert your Zoom Meeting Details information into your customized email invites, confirmations and other guest communications
  4. Apply all Seatrobot's advanced invite, registration, list management and guest management features to the management of your regular Zoom event
  5. Keep attendance lists up to date in Seatrobot automatically as people log into the Zoom event
  6. Keep Zoom events up to date in your Seatrobot event history, individual contact's records, and contact list database.

Multiple departments or office locations? Seatrobot enterprise links you all

Does your company have multiple departments all managing their own events? Do you have chapters around the country? Need an account for each location? Seatrobot enterprise gives you unlimited event creation accounts, all connected to a single master admin account with customizable access.

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stand-alone database + CRM

email list invites

ticket + package sales

free registration

real-time response tracking

bounce + unsubscribe management

3rd party (sponsor) management

custom / enterprise integrations

brand customization

room layout + guest placement

Zoom Integration

mobile / tablet check-in