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Why SeatRobot?

How can SeatRobot improve your events, galas and meetings?

Time Saving

Create any kind of event in minutes, regardless of complexity: whether you're organizing a committee meeting for 50 or a gala for 1,000 you can build your event space, create infinite guest types, seating combinations and sponsor packages and automate all guest communication for the duration of the project.


SeatRobot takes the headache out of managing even thousands of guests and multiple co-organizers: almost everything becomes automated, while retaining maximum customization and the ability to deal with the needs of individual guests.


With SeatRobot's clear, simple interface, large quantities of guest data are easy to track. Allow anyone in your organization to see exactly how your event is progressing at any time. Plus, SeatRobot's post-event analysis tools make event success and ongoing membership / guest liaison easy to measure.


Just some of the ways SeatRobot can make your event easier.

Communications Timeline

Automate All Guest Communications

Live Event Overview

See Everything In Real Time

Auto-Seat Guests

Seat 1,000 Individuals with One Click

SeatRobot Event Flow

Flexible enough for any event.

  • 1. Tell SeatRobot about your event.

    Start by entering the details of your event - title, location, timing - even details like map references, websites, event descriptions; or attach files like agendas and menus. With SeatRobot you only have to enter once - and this information is used throughout the process wherever its needed.

  • Define Your Guest Types and Seating Packages

    SeatRobot's simple interface allows you to create infinite guest types (regular, VIP, Executive Committee, Member, Under-21 etc.) which can be tracked throughout the event process. If you're selling seats in groups (like tables of 10), or creating packages of seats of different values, you can do that in SeatRobot as well.

  • Customize Your Communications & Permissions

    Tell SeatRobot when and what kinds of invites, reminders and confirmations you'd like to set and how often they should go out. Invite other people on your team to access and contribute to all or parts of your project via their own SeatRobot accounts.

  • Go Live!

    Hit "Go Live" and SeatRobot gets rolling! Make group or individual reservations or send out batch invites - and SeatRobot takes care of everything, including tracking every response.

  • Build Your Event Space & Seat Your Guests

    SeatRobot lets you wait until you know the size of your event (i.e. how many people have decided to show up!) before you need to build your event space. Once you know what you need, SeatRobot lets you build it - in about three minutes. Then, as if by magic, click "Auto-Fill" and SeatRobot will seat every guest with one click.

  • Get Dressed Up
    For Your

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