Professional Guest Management

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your guests deserve better

Even with hundreds of guests, Seatrobot makes everyone a priority

One Solution - Zero Stress

Most organizations have to use many different systems to manage their events and meetings; something to store contacts, something to manage emails, another system to create signup and ticket pages; and then even more programs to merge lists, print badges and manage attendance.

Seatrobot provides one comprehensive online system that handles every aspect of guest management from contact list to check-in.

So Much More Than Tickets

Selling tickets to random people online is easy. Managing clients, members, special guests, assistants and corporate partners is way harder.

What if your events are free, like Board Meetings or Town Halls? What if your events are sponsored by people or companies buying different levels of attendance? What if you're arranging events with other companies and need them to manage their own seats at your event? What if the price of attendance doesn't always match the level of special attention a guest needs?

No problem. Seatrobot is white glove guest management for your events, not just pushing tickets.

Your Events Should Always Look Like They Were Made Just For You

We're on it! If you use online ticket sites and email senders - it's obvious to all your guests. They may even see ads for other people's events when signing up for yours!

Seatrobot provides you your own account - you tailor all your events and communications to come from you and you only - incorporating your corporate colors and branding in everything you send out - with NO ADS!!!

Plus, Seatrobot is a stand-alone contact management system or can sync seamlessly with your Salesforce database and accounting system, keeping everything in-house and looking good.

What's Inside?

So much more than tickets and sign up pages

Contacts Management
Unlimited storage and customization of contacts through tagging and mailing list creation
Custom Look
Email, invite and web page customization to match your corporate image
Multiple Event Sign-Up Options
Separate sign-up pages for paid, complimentary and sponsor package options
Unique 3rd Party Guest Management
Allows partners and sponsors to manage their own guests / tables at your event
One-Click Email RSVP
Personalized invites save your contacts' time and increase response rates
Live Guest List Management
Keep track of all responses in real time, change guest info, add seats, tag guests, re-send invites and custom messages quickly and easily
Room Layout and Seating
Build your event room, arrange seats and tables, and seat hundreds of guests accurately in minutes
One-Click Badging
Create hundreds of formatted guest badges in seconds direct from your live guest list
Online Check-In
Check in your guests at the door from your iPad or computer
Custom registration Services
Have professional seatrobot staff manage your wayfinding signage, badge printing, registration and check-in
Salesforce Sync
Your seatrobot account can sync with your Salesforce contact database

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