Corporate event ballroom


Webinars, conferences, recruitment fairs, board meetings, product demos, onboarding...Seatrobot provides a secure, private, fully-featured platform to create and manage all your corporate events and can be integrated seamlessly into your existing infrastructure.

Fundraising cocktail party


Education, healthcare, politics, trade groups, civic action - whatever your field, Seatrobot is quick to set up, easy to use, flexible and extremely powerful. Get maximum return from all your fundraising, sponsor and outreach events.

Street fair


From block parties to fund raisers; local business associations, tourism, social and cultural events; Seatrobot gives any community the tools it needs to create, communicate, manage and enjoy gatherings of every sort

Your events. Your web site.

Most event platforms put your event into their 'marketplace' - surrounded by everybody's else's. With Seatrobot, you have full control over your own events website - featuring only your events. It's up and running in minutes, with full branding, your corporate colors, social sharing, linked events - the works! And each of your events get its own rich, full-featured, customized registration page instantly.

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Instant, custom, full-featured events center

Your Seatrobot account gives you a private, secure, beautiful online hub to showcase all your events. You have complete control over the content:

  • apply your custom logos and colors in seconds
  • toggle your events on and off the site
  • select 'featured' events
  • create and apply custom event categories to sort and filter your events
  • keep past events accessible with updated, post-event content
Example events website

Dynamic, stand-alone registration / ticket pages for each event

Promote your events individually - every event you create comes with its own registration / ticket page:

  • create unlimited ticket types
  • display multiple ticket / registration types per event
  • quickly create dynamic content for your event page to attract registrations
  • link your events together so they appear as related events on each other's pages
  • images, rich text, video, all standard
  • social media sharing, calendar downloads standard
Example registration page

Turn registration pages into full-content, post-event resources

When your event is done, your registration pages can keep working:

  • remove all registration and ticket sales features
  • add dynamic content like videos of your webinars, or images from the event
  • add survey links, downloadable documents, follow-up content
  • encourage social sharing post-event
  • add filters to past events - use your events page as a searchable archive for your customers and guests
Example events website

Put your sponsors out front. We got your back.

Your event sponsors need special treatment. Seatrobot was built from the ground up to support sponsor requirements: special package sales, branded registration pages, dedicated sponsor guest management login. For in-person events Seatrobot even handles automatic table placement, seat donation and VIP management.

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Sponsored rally car

Want to sell tickets? Why stop there?

Lots of people can help you sell tickets. But how about events for clients and members, special guests, assistants or corporate partners? Free events? Board Meetings or Town Halls? Special packages for sponsored events? VIP's? Special requests? Table seating? With Seatrobot, no problem.

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Zoom integration. Out of the box.

All Seatrobot plans include the Seatrobot App for Zoom - connect your Seatrobot events directly with your Zoom events. Then use Seatrobot as your complete front-end for managing your online meetings and webinars. Add the advanced guest management, sponsor features, contact database, and ticketing power of Seatrobot seamlessly to your online events.

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People Individuals make your events succeed. Again and again.

Your events should always be working to make the next event even better. Seatrobot includes a full-service Contacts Database / CRM which keeps track of all your guests, their cc's, their preferences, their event histories, their level of engagement; and lets you use this information to target attendees for your future events. Build your own event communities with Seatrobot.

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All your guests are special. Make them feel that way...

The best events make every guest feel special. Seatrobot's powerful guest management tools like Preferences, Tagging, Filtering, Contact Lists and communications tracking let you manage a guest list of hundreds with individual attention.

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stand-alone database + CRM

email list invites

ticket + package sales

free registration

real-time response tracking

bounce + unsubscribe management

3rd party (sponsor) management

custom / enterprise integrations

brand customization

room layout + guest placement

Zoom Integration

mobile / tablet check-in